Note: This interview was conducted via email, so if it seems a little one-sided, that’s why. ūüôā

Mistress Courtney: Tell me a bit about yourself.  Whatever you would care to share.  Basic information and background stuff…Your age, general location, marital status, whatever you wish to share…

Bob K.: About me. ¬†I’m 58 years old a veteran and really kinky. It took quite a long time for me to come out of my shell regarding my kinks. ¬†But now that I have I embrace them fully. ¬†I have quite a number of things I want to experience thank you LDW woman. ¬†I live in the Northeast, I’m married to a wonderful woman she’s not into kinky stuff so I rely on LDW to help me with that. I’m employed in quite a high stress job dispatch supervisor for a large police agency so I really appreciate the release I get when I speak with someone from LDW.

Mistress Courtney: So, when did you first discover that you could pleasure yourself sexually?

Bob K.: I found out I could pleasure myself around 12 years old.  An older friend introduced me to it.

Mistress Courtney: Do you recall any particular details from that first time?

Bob K.: The first time I remember being told to stroke it until it started to throb.  I really had no idea what I was doing but I was coached until I felt the throbbing.

Mistress Courtney: What did you know about masturbation from your family, religious teachings, sexual education classes, or other kids?

Bob K.: What I knew about masturbation then was nothing.  Being brought up catholic it was not spoken about, other than after I was found out about my masturbation I was told it was a sin.

Mistress Courtney: So, once you discovered how good it felt to masturbate, how often did you find yourself doing it back then?

Bob K.: Once I found out what to do and how to do it I masturbated as often as I could. ¬†That had it’s own problems due to the fact I had no idea how to do it properly with out doing damage to myself.

Mistress Courtney: What was your favorite way to masturbate back then?

Bob K.: My favorite was was the standard was for lack of better words at 12 I was smaller Haden’t really developed yet 3 fingers holding it from the top and stroking up and down.

Mistress Courtney: What is your favorite way to masturbate now?

Bob K.: My favorite way now that I’ve developed is thumb and index finger working the head then down the shaft edging a bit then trying to find my prostate externally to allow for pre cum to form eat that and continue on sometime stroking with a nice lace pair of panties.

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

Bob K.: I was caught once before by an old girlfriend.  I thought I had a few minutes of quiet time in the bathroom.  I started pleasuring myself laying on the floor, she walked in the bathroom while I was doing it. She turned around excused herself I ended up not finishing and she never mentioned it.

Mistress Courtney: Has anyone ever watched you play with yourself before? (intentionally)

Bob K: Since I’ve found LDW all my calls are done on Skype. ¬†I’ve found that I like to be watched. ¬†I also love to be told what the LDW women wants me to do how they’d like me to to it (guided masturbation) you might say but since I’ve found one of my kinks ie: ¬†cum eating, anal play, CBT it only makes it hotter for me. ¬†I guess you could say when I’m with a woman from LDW I’m a sub, I really like pleasing and have always been in a position of authority so giving up control makes it all the better for me. ¬†I also have an old friend (female) we stay in touch she’s interested in watching me masturbate.

Mistress Courtney: Tell me about the most memorable time someone watched you intentionally.

Bob K.: The most memorable time someone watched me masturbate. ¬†I have many but 2 of the ones that really stand out. ¬†1. ¬†The first time I called LDW (coached cum eating line.). I got connected with Mistress Constance. ¬†She’s an incredible woman. ¬†I explained to her that I had an old girlfriend who had a rule that if I expected her to kiss me after I had done oral on her I was to expect the same from her after she preformed oral on me. ¬†I’m pretty sure shew was grooming me for cum eating. ¬†Back to my first time with Mistress Constance. ¬†She took my story turned it into a girlfriend experience for me. ¬†She edged me many times, and when she finally allowed me to cum she worked her magic and in the most gently way convinced me to eat all of my cum. ¬†2. ¬†It was my 58th birthday. I had a call with on my birthday, we had talked via email about some light CBT and cum eating for sure. ¬†She had me bring all that I would need for the CBT as well as a cup cake a candle and a lighter. ¬†After she got done spanking me many more time’s than 58 and some wonderful CBT she had me put the candle on the cup cake. ¬†She allowed me to cum on the cup cake, light the candle and she sang happy birthday to me while she had me eat the cup cake. ¬†By far the best birthday I’ve ever had.

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever used any unique techniques for pleasuring yourself? (Any special gadgets or homemade inventions?)

Bob K.: Yes once.  I read about cutting a hole in a Mellon. Found it interesting and tried it.  It felt good but quite messy.

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever used anything out of the ordinary for lubricant?

Bob K.: No for the most part I don’t use lube.

Mistress Courtney: Did you have a favorite or least favorite and why?

Bob K.: Favorite would be Astro Glide.  No least favorite.

Mistress Courtney: Do you have any funny, embarrassing, exciting or notable masturbation stories?  (That you haven’t already shared?)

Bob K.: No

Mistress Courtney: Do you have anything else that you would like to add about your masturbation experiences before we close?

Bob K.: Just one.  After listening to your voice I have a thing for voices I really would like to add masturbation stories where Mistress Courtney is the one giving me the experience.

Mistress Courtney: Awww, thank you so much, Bob! You gave such thoughtful and in-depth answers! I truly appreciate the time you took to answer these questions via email! And I really look forward to connecting with you and giving you that masturbation story you crave!

Bob K.: Thank you Mistress.  Have a wonderful day.

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