Another episode of The Masturbation Interviews with Ms Hannah and avid masturbator blooky.  Blooky is an intelligent man that has a soft spot for smart, athletic women in knee socks.   He has been masturbating since first grade and continues to masturbate regularly 3-5 times per day.  Read on for more about Mr. Masturbator…….

blookyzim: Hi, this is blooky. 🙂

Goddess Hannah: Hi blooky how are you today?

blookyzim: Hello, Ms. Hannah, I am doing well.

blookyzim: And you?

Goddess Hannah: I’m doing very good – thank you

Goddess Hannah: Being that you are getting interviewed for the you already know what I’m going to ask you about

Goddess Hannah: lol

blookyzim: I’m happy to hear that. Wearing knee socks today?

Goddess Hannah: Actually yes I am, I have a pair on that you gave me 🙂

Goddess Hannah: my favorites

blookyzim: I’m delighted to hear that.

Goddess Hannah: So why don’t you tell me how old you were the first time you started masturbating

blookyzim: I know generally what is going to be asked, but I admit that I haven’t read these interviews in depth. So the specific questions may surprise me.

blookyzim: You know, I hear tell that lots of guys start around puberty. And I did masturbate then, quite frequently. However, the truth is that I cannot remember a time when I did NOT masturbate.

Goddess Hannah: Really?

blookyzim: I am sure that I was regularly masturbating in grade school. First grade.

blookyzim: Oh yes.

Goddess Hannah: So then I guess you wouldn’t be able to remember how/why you started to masturbate

blookyzim: No, I can’t. I think it came naturally. 😉

blookyzim: I do remember that it began to result in discharges when I was 11 or 12.

Goddess Hannah: That was my next question

blookyzim: Sorry. I will try not to anticipate.

Goddess Hannah: Do you remember the feeling you had?

Goddess Hannah: lol

blookyzim: Um, it felt good.

Goddess Hannah: So once you had the discharge and it felt good, do you remember how often that day you tried to get the same feeling?

blookyzim: Well, I was like “whoa!” and I remember looking around for a kleenex and not having any. I think I did masturbate again a few more times that night, but I don’t think I had as much success, at lest initially.

blookyzim: After that, I made sure to always keep the tissue box in my bedroom well stocked.

Goddess Hannah: lol

Goddess Hannah: So it’s safe to say that all threw grade school you tried to perfect masturbating

blookyzim: Well, I think that I was pretty much of a natural. I don’t recall working that hard to perfect my technique. It was pretty much “gee, this feels good; I think I will do it more.”

Goddess Hannah: When did you find that you had a fetish?

blookyzim: Oh, that was very young as well.

blookyzim: In fact, I remember quite clearly — I had to have been in first grade — grabbing the sock-clad calf of one of my female classmates.

blookyzim: I don’t remember her name, or what she looked like, or whether I got in trouble. But I remember the looke, feel, and texture of that leg even now. 🙂

Goddess Hannah: 1st grade wow that is young

blookyzim: Oh yes.

blookyzim: In fact, I cannot recall ever NOT having a fetish.

blookyzim: It went with the masturbation.

Goddess Hannah: And how about your penchant for strong, smart women

blookyzim: I think that the socks came first, but I definitely developed the whole amazon thing quite young.

blookyzim: I had a crush on a neighbor girl who could whip me in chess and wrestle me to the ground, and she attended a Catholic school.

Goddess Hannah: So your fetishes have been around a while

blookyzim: I also remember enjoying comics featuring female superheroes.

blookyzim: And of course when the original Wonder Woman was on, I was an avid viewer. In fact, a poster of Lynda Carter graced my wall at one point.

blookyzim: To answer more directly, “yes.”

Goddess Hannah: When watching these movies or reading those types of comics, that was like your porn then I’m assuming

blookyzim: Yes, absolutely.

blookyzim: Ms. Kira once joked that watching Xena was like porn to me.

blookyzim: She was correct — watching any fictional depiction of a woman beating up a guy is likely to arouse me.

Goddess Hannah: So regular porn doesn’t really do anything for you?

blookyzim: Depends on the regular porn.

blookyzim: I like looking at pictures of attractive women who are undressed, particularly if they are naked except for knee socks.

blookyzim: I also like some girl-on-girl porn. Most heterosexual porn turns me off, because for some reason looking at another man’s penis is a big turnoff to me.

Goddess Hannah: LOL

Goddess Hannah: Tell me blooky, do you always use the same method when masturbating?

blookyzim: Pretty much, yes.

blookyzim: Basically pulling and squeezing.

Goddess Hannah: Up and down motion

blookyzim: Yes.

Goddess Hannah: Any favorite position?

blookyzim: I’m not big on one-handed typing. I usually like to lie down in bed, on my back.

Goddess Hannah: You like to be nice and comfy, nothing wrong with that

blookyzim: When I was growing up, that’s almost always what I did, although I often had an afternoon session in the chair by my bedroom window.

Goddess Hannah: What were you looking at?

Goddess Hannah: the girl next door lol

blookyzim: Well, I grew up across the street from a girls’ Catholic school. My bedroom had an excellent view, and I had binoculars.

blookyzim: Her too. LOL

Goddess Hannah: How often do you masturbate now?

blookyzim: Oh, at least once or twice a day.

blookyzim: That’s a minimum. Average is probably more like 3-5.

Goddess Hannah: ahhh so it’s obvious that you still love to masturbate after all these years

blookyzim: Oh yes.

Goddess Hannah: Do you have any favorite sites that you like to look at while masturbating?

blookyzim: Well, I look at your pictures, Ms. Hannah. 🙂

blookyzim: Can I give the name of my favorite porn site?

Goddess Hannah: Yes you can


blookyzim: They also have a couple of sister sites — and another one, which I forget.

Goddess Hannah: hmmm the cute British girls

Goddess Hannah: in kneesocks of course

blookyzim: Yes indeed.

blookyzim: Cute British girls, and a fair number of sets in knee socks.

blookyzim: The quality of photography is good, and they have very regular updates.

Goddess Hannah: Let me ask you, have you ever masturbated with a worn pair of kneesocks?

blookyzim: Yes, I have. Cashmere.

blookyzim: My primary interest in socks is with a girl in them, but I do like the feeling against me,

Goddess Hannah: After all these years you have the same fetishes

Goddess Hannah: that is pretty interesting

Goddess Hannah: after that many years to not get bored with it

blookyzim: Yes. I’d say that for me there are two things — the socks and the femdomme thing. I’d say that sometimes one predominates, but neither ever goes away entirely.

blookyzim: Not bored yet. 😉

Goddess Hannah: Well after this long I doubt if you would ever get bored with it.

blookyzim: Nope.

blookyzim: But my mood changes. Sometimes I feel like being pounded in the ground and ground underfoot, and sometimes I prefer something a bit softer. In my fantasies, I’m never really a top, but sometimes I’m less bottomy (if that’s a word) than others.

blookyzim: But you know all about that, don’t you?

Goddess Hannah: Which brings me to ask you, you are a bottom in all your fantasies but in real life?

blookyzim: Well, you and Ms. Ally have questioned whether I’m really a true submissive at all.

Goddess Hannah: Yes we have

blookyzim: I’d say that there’s a lot of D&S stuff that doesn’t carry over for me — for example, I’d never be happy or fulfilled living as one of Ms. Elizabeth’s slaves.

Goddess Hannah: LOL

blookyzim: However, in real life I am attracted to tall, athletic, smart women.

blookyzim: And I’m certainly willing to engage in woman-on-top rough sex, when the occasion presents itself.

blookyzim: Did that answer your question?

Goddess Hannah: Yes it did – although I already knew the answer

Goddess Hannah: LOL

Goddess Hannah: Is there anything I don’t know about your masturbation habits?

blookyzim: I’m not sure I know what you know.

blookyzim: Let me see — I sometimes print out photographs and gaze upon them while masturbating. Even during a phone sex call.

Goddess Hannah: What kind of pictures?

blookyzim: Pictures of females in knee socks.

blookyzim: Typically, most D/s porn is too much for me.

blookyzim: Oh, another thing is that I often masturbate after a call as well as during.

Goddess Hannah: Really?

Goddess Hannah: See, now I didn’t know that

blookyzim: Yes.

Goddess Hannah: Ok, one last question

blookyzim: Ask however many you like, Ms. Hannah. I enjoy talking to you. 🙂

Goddess Hannah: What is the most times in one day that you’ve masturbated and had an ejaculation?

blookyzim: I have no idea. I did 12 calls in two days a couple marathons ago, and I came 14 times (two of the calls were two-fers).

Goddess Hannah: LOL

blookyzim: I probably masturbated at least a dozen or so times the night the cheerleader beat me up my senior year in high school, but I was at the height of my powers then.

Goddess Hannah: Do you find that when you cum that much in a day, that it’s less intense?

blookyzim: Yes.

Goddess Hannah: but you still continue on

Goddess Hannah: 🙂

blookyzim: I do find that I can increase the intensity by depriving myself of orgasm for 24-48 hours, but after that it just hurts.

blookyzim: Yes, well on that day I was being nice to you girls. Plus I was in a horny mood, and I had saved my seed for a couple days.

Goddess Hannah: It hurts if you go longer than 48 hours?

blookyzim: The first one does, yeah.

Goddess Hannah: hmmm that’s a new one – I haven’t heard that before

Goddess Hannah: I mean I could see a few weeks maybe

Goddess Hannah: Oh what is the longest you’ve gone without masturbating?

blookyzim: I think a week.

Goddess Hannah: I bet that was brutal for you

blookyzim: Yes, I almost burst.

blookyzim: Even now, if I go more than three days without sexual release I will have wet dreams.

Goddess Hannah: Still having wet dreams?

Goddess Hannah: LOL

Goddess Hannah: For people reading this that don’t know you, you’re fetishes might seem pretty easy. But, you are actually a complex kind of guy – wouldn’t you say?

blookyzim: Well, my fetish is fairly easy to describe — a superior woman besting me in knee socks — but I have all sorts of complicated caveats and ins and outs.

blookyzim: Do you think I’m complex?

Goddess Hannah: Yes I do

Goddess Hannah: but I enjoy it

Goddess Hannah: You are intelligent and a smart ass, that’s what I like about you

blookyzim: I never worked well with Mistresses who try to force me into the “D&S box,” or the “Cock Control” box, or any other box. One thing I like about you is that you don’t and never have.

blookyzim: That’s another thing I like about you, Ms. Hannah.

Goddess Hannah: I know you would hang up on me if I told you that you couldn’t cum

Goddess Hannah: LMAO

blookyzim: Right. And then call Miss Daphne.

Goddess Hannah: 🙂

Goddess Hannah: Yes you do have your favorites

blookyzim: And you are definitely one of them.
Goddess Hannah: but I would laugh if we all got together and all said the same thing to you

Goddess Hannah: Now THAT would be funny

blookyzim: LMAO.

Goddess Hannah: to see the expression on your face

blookyzim: Yes, it would.

Goddess Hannah: like wtf is going on?

Goddess Hannah: 🙂

blookyzim: However, you would have all sorts of collective action problems — a cartell is always hard to maintain.

Goddess Hannah: But I suspect that if I told you NO – you would know something was up

blookyzim: Probably.

blookyzim: I don’t mind “edging” play so long as there is final release.

Goddess Hannah: 🙂

Goddess Hannah: I think I’m going to have to call you mr. masturbator from now on

blookyzim: Going back to the whole “complexity” thing, there are some things that I don’t get into because of the structure of my superior woman fetish. In particular (as you know) blackmail and being tied up.

blookyzim: LOL on the on the Mr. Masturbator comment.

Goddess Hannah: Well not everybody gets blackmailed LOL

Goddess Hannah: just if they are into it

blookyzim: Oh, I know. I was just explaining how some of the contours of what I’m into don’t fit everybody’s template.

Goddess Hannah: Blackmail, cumtaxing, cbt, and the list goes on – you aren’t into any of those things

blookyzim: Right. Nor any sort of torture or heavy pain stuff. Although I would probably enjoy being your sparring partner, and that might lead to a fair amount of pain.

blookyzim: But it would be in the context of you besting me, not torture.

Goddess Hannah: Yes it would

Goddess Hannah: I could never torture you, you sound too cute

blookyzim: LOL Well, that’s another thing, and it’s more a matter of tone than actual content. I genuinely like and respect women, particularly intelligent, articulate women.

blookyzim: And, while I do get dommed in my sessions, I prefer having an overall sense that the girl doing it actually likes me. What I don’t want is total degredation — being treated like furniture.

Goddess Hannah: No, you aren’t into humiliation – of that sense anyway

blookyzim: Not that sense.

blookyzim: I will say that Ms. Ally does a great job of hiring mistresses. While I, of course, have not hit it off with everybody, I have a far higher “hit” percentage with LDW than with any other service.

Goddess Hannah: Yes Ms Ally does like to screen for intelligent women

blookyzim: It’s intelligence, but it’s more than that. It’s also a willingness to adapt and be playful.

Goddess Hannah: Intuition

blookyzim: Call it that if you like. 🙂

blookyzim: Really listening.

Goddess Hannah: I call it intuition, you call it what you like, but either way it works

blookyzim: Yep.

Goddess Hannah: We’ve had to pick up on YOU and keep you happy plus have fun with it

Goddess Hannah: that’s why you’re fun – you have to be dissected

blookyzim: Yes. And what I like is that everybody has her own little spin.

blookyzim: So can I ask you something, Ms. Hannah?

Goddess Hannah: Sure

blookyzim: It’s not classified that you have returned to school, and are majoring in psychology.

Goddess Hannah: Yes

blookyzim: How do I fit with what you are learning in school about human sexual development, particularly the development of sexual fetishes?

Goddess Hannah: haha you will be my thesis

Goddess Hannah: When taking my abnormal psych class last semester, you wouldn’t have believed what a hard time I gave the instructor when it came to the chapter on fetishes.

Goddess Hannah: by the middle of the chapter I was almost teaching the class LOL

blookyzim: I can imagine.

blookyzim: Was the text flat-out wrong on stuff?

Goddess Hannah: Not so much that it was all wrong – although I didn’t agree with some of it – but they didn’t list hardly any fetishes at all.

blookyzim: Well, there are a huge variety.

Goddess Hannah: It basically just touched on CD’s

blookyzim: And even within one fetish, there’s variation. For example, you could call me a foot fetishist, but my real interest is in anything below the knee, so the calf counts too. And I prefer it clad in my favorite garment, obviously, but other guys like boots, or bare feet.

Goddess Hannah: or nylons

blookyzim: Even among CDs, it’s my sense that there are a million different types.

Goddess Hannah: Oh sure there are

blookyzim: Right! Or nylons. Or stockings.

blookyzim: In my case it’s about the thickness and softness and texture — so I will like accept anything from just the below the knee on up. So over-the-knee socks are OK, and I love cable knit tights.

blookyzim: But I talked to one guy in chat who said he loved knee socks, but he hated anything that went above the knee — to him, the knee had to be bare.

Goddess Hannah: Oh yes you do love tights too 🙂

blookyzim: Yep. 🙂

Goddess Hannah: Ok well thank you for taking the time out of your day to let me pick your brain for a while blooky

blookyzim: You are most welcome, Ms. Hannah. 🙂

blookyzim: I enjoyed it, and I hope it’s interesting to your readers.

Goddess Hannah: I’m sure it will be 🙂