Mistress Courtney: hi there, did you want to be interviewed for the www.themasturbationinterviews.com site?

Brad: Sure, it’s been a long time since you interviewed me

Mistress Courtney: Oh darn, I am afraid the questions haven’t changed, so it would not be a good idea

Brad: OK. If you come up with new questions, there’s a whole more for me to tell nowadays. A lot has changed

Mistress Courtney: Hmmm, you have me intrigued

Brad:I have much more experience as a masturbator

Mistress Courtney: I’ll tell you what, do you have the link to your original one? I have no way of remembering, but you might be able to do a search by the name that you used and perhaps we can build on that?

Brad: Sure, let me take a look

Mistress Courtney: okay 🙂

Brad: Here is the second one

Mistress Courtney: you are good!

Brad: And here is the first one

Mistress Courtney: OMG, Brad, this would be your THIRD INTERVIEW?!?!?

Brad: Yup 🙂

Mistress Courtney: You are hilarious and relentless and I kind of love that combo in a person, so you are on! Let’s just shoot the shit.

Brad: Sure thing.

Mistress Courtney: Tell me everything that has changed since your second interview

Brad: OK.

During my sessions with my therapist, I talk a lot about my best friend Jessica. She’s the one friend, female, who I can talk to and doesn’t judge me.

Mistress Courtney: I wish more women were like that

Brad:My therapist asked me if I ever talk to Jessica about masturbation, sex or my fantasies because we’re such good friends and I told her that I had not and she suggested that I do talk to Jessica.

So I did……and it opened the door for a lot of things that have happened. First of all, Jessica didn’t hate me or judge me, in fact she thought it was completely normal and she said that she had an idea that I do that since I wasn’t dating and didn’t have a girlfriend as a sexual outlet.

I told her about all my celebrity fantasies and masturbation practices and my angel (women that I know) fantasies….including one about a mutual friend….and her best friend…..Melanie.

That brings me to Melanie. I’ve always had a thing for her and now Jessica knew it. The thing with Melanie was that she had a boyfriend as long as I knew her and a few years ago they got married…..

….but before she got married, she had her bachelorette party, which Jessica set up as her maid of honor. Jessica gave me the chance, if I wanted to, to come out of the closet to Melisssa and tell her how I felt about her…..

I was nervous, but ended up doing it. Confessing to her in front of Jessica, and the other bridesmaids while I took off all my clothes and masturbated in front of Melanie.

Maria, one of the bridesmaids who I know and am friends with, said that watching me was the most erotic thing she’d ever seen.

Maria told me that she could go to strip clubs, or watch porn online, but to watch someone you know, a friend, engaged in such a personal and private act, was so intimate that it was erotic

Mistress Courtney: Wow! I can see that

Brad: Melanie and Jessica felt the same way when they watched me pleasure myself in front of them

Even after Melanie got married, if the girls were to get together for a girls night, they’d invite me over so they can watch me stroke myself

To be honest, I love doing it. I get off on it

What else would you like to know or hear about?

Mistress Courtney: What else is new? Since your last interview

Like do you like anal pleasure, would you ever fuck yourself in front of them?

Brad: Melanie has used a strap on…on me

Mistress Courtney: Oh my. As a married woman?

Brad: yes

Mistress Courtney: Wow. Did you suck it for her first?

Brad: no

Mistress Courtney: Too bad, she probably would have loved that. Maybe next time?

Brad: possibly

Mistress Courtney: What else has changed? (Not that you need news bigger than this, this is pretty cool!)

But I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out

Brad: that’s the big thing

Mistress Courtney: Very big! Anything else?

Brad: that’s it

Mistress Courtney: Well, that was worth an update! Do you think your little circle of ladies might widen beyond those two?

Brad: I think so

Mistress Courtney:  How so?

Brad: I want to come out of the closet to more of my female friends

Mistress Courtney: Do you think you will?

Brad: yes

Mistress Courtney:  How? Do you have a game plan?

Brad: I don’t know yet

Mistress Courtney: Hmmmm. Time to talk to the girls and see if they have any ideas

Brad: yes, that sounds like a great idea

Mistress Courtney:  Are you worried you will replace true intimacy with this?

Brad: no

Mistress Courtney:  (Not that there is anything wrong with that, I think you may be onto something!)

Do you already know the women you want to come out to?

Brad: I do. Jessica’s sister Sierra and my yoga instructor Erin

Mistress Courtney: I hope your yoga teacher isn’t as uptight and asexual as the one I left, haha, what a prude

Brad: I’ve been wanting to tell Sierra and Erin for a long time

I feel like I lie to them all the time

Mistress Courtney: Do you have a timeline for this goal?


Have you heard of the children’s book, Everybody Poops?

Brad: No, when the time is right and I think they’re ready I’ll tell them.

Mistress Courtney:  Everybody Masturbates

Brad: No I have not heard of that book

Mistress Courtney: It’s not a lie

Brad:The lie is that I don’t tell them…..

One time I went to take a yoga class Erin taught and she asked me how my weekend was and what I did over the weekend, and I lied to her.

Mistress Courtney: I see. A lie of omission. But it’s a very private act and it’s not anyone’s business, unless you want it to be. Just don’t be like Louis CK, haha!

Brad: I told her some general things, but didn’t tell her that I was stroking myself to her Facebook page

The thing is, I really want to tell her.

Same thing with Sierra, I lie to her too.

That’s my story so far.

Mistress Courtney: I see

Brad: What do you think?

Mistress Courtney: I love it!

Brad: You’ll have to think of what to say/ask next when we do part 4

Mistress Courtney:  Yes we will

Brad: Anything else you want me to tell you?

Mistress Courtney: I think, unless you have something you want to share, I guess that’s it

Brad: The only thing to probably share is that all this talk about Erin had me open up her Facebook page

Mistress Courtney: Tell me all about it!

Brad: I just took off my clothes and am looking at her pictures now. This one is my favorite

Mistress Courtney: Very sexy!

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