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This is a Masturbation Interview with Brandi from the Northeast

Brandi: how are you Ms Courtney?

Brandi: hiya Courtney

Mistress Courtney: Hiya!  Would you like to be interviewed for the site?  It’s anonymous, but it will be published, it takes about 15 minutes, we do it right here in yahoo IM.

Brandi: ummm, sure

Brandi: how are you?

Mistress Courtney: Great, thank you!

Mistress Courtney: How are you?

Brandi: good, and thank you for asking

Mistress Courtney: My pleasure

Mistress Courtney: What name shall I use for you?  (Keep in mind, this is anonymous, but it will be published.)

Brandi: Brandi if you must use a name

Mistress Courtney: I can just use initials or anything you’d like

Brandi: Brandi is fine

Mistress Courtney: Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.

Mistress Courtney: Tell me a bit about yourself.  Whatever you would care to share.  Basic information and background stuff…Your age, general location, marital status, whatever you wish to share…

Brandi: 32 years old, in north east, dating

Mistress Courtney: So, when did you first discover that you could pleasure yourself sexually?

Brandi: probably freshman year of high school

Mistress Courtney: Do you recall any particular details from that first time?

Brandi: yes

Mistress Courtney: Oh do tell!

Brandi: was trying on a pair of moms pantyhose to see what they were like

Brandi: IDK, might have been earlier than high school, not sure

Brandi: the feel of the pantyhose, was weird, and exciting, and unlike anything I had ever experiences

Brandi: was my first hard on I remember

Mistress Courtney: Wow!  What kind of pantyhose were they, do you remember?

Mistress Courtney: Like support or sheer?

Brandi: they were white, I think legs

Mistress Courtney: Oh yeah

Brandi: not sure what kind of L’eggs, they were in the hamper

Brandi: sheerish I guess, don’t really remember

Mistress Courtney: Oh wow, so they had that wonderful scent on them?

Brandi: IDK, not that I noticed

Mistress Courtney: Ahhhh

Mistress Courtney: What did you know about masturbation from your family, religious teachings, sexual education classes, or other kids?

Brandi: I just remember the way the material felt on my legs

Brandi: nothing

Brandi: never talked about it

Mistress Courtney: So, once you discovered how good it felt to masturbate, how often did you find yourself doing it back then?

Brandi: honestly I don’t remember

Brandi: but I would say most of the times when I found a way to try on pantyhose again

Mistress Courtney: Makes sense!

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

Brandi: no, I have not

Mistress Courtney: Good for you!

Mistress Courtney: Has anyone ever watched you play with yourself before? (intentionally)

Brandi: no

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever used any unique techniques for pleasuring yourself? (Any special gadgets or homemade inventions?)

Brandi: I have used a vibrator before

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever put a vibe down the front of the pantyhose?

Brandi: shampoo on pantyhose in the shower, like wearing pantyhose, and putting shampoo on a poofy, and like rubbing the soapy poofy all over my pantyhose

Mistress Courtney: Oh wow!

Mistress Courtney: Are your legs shaved?

Brandi: one vibrator thing around my shaft, and one in my ass, doing ballet, while wearing a leotard, and ballet tights

Brandi: came without touching myself, it was kinda cool

Mistress Courtney: (That does sound like it would feel really good!)

Brandi: my legs used to be shaved

Mistress Courtney: I can imagine!

Mistress Courtney: Very inventive, Brandi!

Brandi: yeah, it is weird, the shampoo and hose thing, but you should try it , if your feeling brave

Mistress Courtney: I think you may have answered this, but I want to ask just in case

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever used anything out of the ordinary for lubricant?

Mistress Courtney: I sure will try it!

Brandi: other than soap? no I don’t think so

Mistress Courtney: Do you have any funny, embarrassing, exciting or notable masturbation stories?  (That you haven’t already shared?)

Brandi: a mistress once made me cum on my face

Mistress Courtney: Very hot!

Brandi: it was meant to be humiliating punishment

Mistress Courtney: Of course!

Mistress Courtney: I meant hot for the Mistress!

Mistress Courtney: Do you have anything else that you would like to add about your masturbation experiences before we close?

Brandi: she had me do it while my eyes were closed, and rubbed it all over my closed eyes

Mistress Courtney: Oh my!

Brandi: she said that was my punishment, and if I opened my eyes I would regret it…

Mistress Courtney: And you would!

Mistress Courtney: Do you have anything else that you would like to add about your masturbation experiences before we close?

Brandi: no

Brandi: not that I can think of

Mistress Courtney: Thank you so much, Brandi!  You were great!

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