Mistress Courtney: Tell me a bit about yourself.  Whatever you would care to share.  Basic information and background stuff…Your age, general location, marital status, whatever you wish to share…

Josh: Let’s see

Josh: I live in LA, I’m a writer, single, bi

Mistress Courtney: So, when did you first discover that you could pleasure yourself sexually?

Josh: I guess I was around 13

Mistress Courtney: Do you recall any particular details from that first time?

Josh: I was rope climbing in gym class, seventh grade

Josh: And the friction was so intense that I came

Mistress Courtney: Oh my, believe it or not, this is not the first time I have heard this

Josh: Really?

Mistress Courtney: Yes, it’s a pretty common thing. How did you hide your, um, splooge-y shorts?

Josh: Very well

Mistress Courtney: Good for you!

Mistress Courtney: What did you know about masturbation from your family, religious teachings, sexual education classes, or other kids?

Josh: Nothing

Mistress Courtney: So, once you discovered how good it felt to masturbate, how often did you find yourself doing it back then?

Josh: I started humping lots of things trying to recreate that sensation

Josh: But nothing seemed to do the trick as well and that thick, coarse rope

Josh: And that’s probably when I started fantasizing about cock

Mistress Courtney: I can see that

Mistress Courtney: And how often do you do it now?

Josh: Once I discovered my hand I did it morning, noon and night

Josh: And I still do it that ofen

Mistress Courtney: Good for you!

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

Josh: I was whacking off once when my roommate came in but he went to the fridge and just acted like I was doing something mundane

Mistress Courtney: Oh that’s good

Mistress Courtney: Has anyone ever watched you play with yourself before? (intentionally)

Josh: I have had a few lovers and girlfriends who enjoy watching

Mistress Courtney: Verrrrry sexy

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever used any unique techniques for pleasuring yourself? (Any special gadgets or homemade inventions?

Josh: I love having something in my ass, for sure, a dildo or a butt plug and I have been known to improvise

Mistress Courtney: With what?

Josh: Tapered candles, cucumbers, toilet brush handle

Mistress Courtney: Very inventive!

Mistress Courtney: Do you have any funny, embarrassing, exciting or notable masturbation stories?  (That you haven’t already shared?)

Josh: I helped organize a circle jerk at summer camp

Josh: Thank God we never got caught

Mistress Courtney: I’ll say! Quite bold of you!

Mistress Courtney: Do you have anything else that you would like to add about your masturbation experiences before we close?

Josh: I love trying new things to pleasure myself, new toys, new techniques

Josh: That’s why I love calling LDW! You Ladies always have such great ideas.

Mistress Courtney: Thank you, Josh! We love helping people feel new pleasures!

Josh: And we love feeling them!

Mistress Courtney: Awwww! A win-win for sure!

Josh: Yes!

Mistress Courtney: Thank you so much, Josh!  I really appreciate you taking the time to be interviewed!

Josh: It was my pleasure, Mistress

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