Stewart:  Ms, may I be interviewed?

Mistress Courtney: Sure!  Are you available now?

Stewart:  Yes

Mistress Courtney: Great!  What name shall I use for you?  (Keep in mind, this is anonymous, but it will be published.)

Stewart:  Stewart

Mistress Courtney:  Thanks, Stewart.

Mistress Courtney: Tell me a bit about yourself. Whatever you would care to share. Basic information and background stuff…

Stewart: I’m 42 from the Idaho, married, 4 kids

Mistress Courtney: So, when did you first discover that you could pleasure yourself sexually?

Stewart: About 13

Mistress Courtney: Do you recall any particular details from that first time?

Stewart: I had my first wet dream and then figured out from there that I could make that happen again if I stroked my cock.

Mistress Courtney: Did you have any preconceived notions about masturbation from your family, religious teachings, sexual education classes, or other kids?

Stewart: Nope, just found out about it myself

Mistress Courtney: So, once you discovered how good it felt to masturbate, how often did you find yourself doing it back then?

Stewart: Probably once a day…

Mistress Courtney: And now?

Stewart: A few times a week

Mistress Courtney: So, have you ever been caught masturbating?

Stewart: Not that I remember, if anyone did they never said anything

Mistress Courtney: Has anyone ever watched you stroke before? (intentionally)

Stewart: No

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever used any unique techniques for stroking? (Any special gadgets or homemade inventions?)

Stewart: Not really for jerking it, just my hand.

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever used anything out of the ordinary for lubricant?

Stewart:  Baby oil a time or two

Mistress Courtney: Do you have any funny, embarrassing, exciting or notable masturbation stories?  (That you haven’t already shared?)

Stewart: I had a stroking session once and came all over the ceiling and I had get my Dad’s ladder to get it off of there or my Mom would know what I was doing

Mistress Courtney: Cute!  Did anyone suspect?

Stewart:  I hope not!

Mistress Courtney: Do you have anything else that you would like to add about your masturbation experiences before we close?

Stewart: It’s a great feeling

Mistress Courtney: It sure is!

Mistress Courtney: Thank you so much for your time, Stewart, you were fun!

Stewart: Sure

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