Brad: Hello

Mistress Courtney: hi there!  I’ve interviewed you before, right?

Brad: Yeah

Brad: but it was a while ago

Mistress Courtney: ahhhh

Mistress Courtney: well thank you!

Brad: ok, I’ve got more to tell if you ever want to do a part 2 to my interview

Mistress Courtney: Okay, share away!  What name do you want me to use?

Brad: You can use Brad

Mistress Courtney: Perfect!  Okay Brad, what did you want to share with me that you didn’t get to in our first interview?

Brad: I’ve been doing something new with my neighbor and her mom.  They call them “Stroke Shows”

Mistress Courtney: Nice, tell me about them!

Brad: It all started after my neighbor caught me (and gave me the nickname “Masturbation Superstar”) which I believe I told you in my last interview.

Mistress Courtney: I remember!

Brad: She was back visiting from college and I was over there chatting with her catching up when she asked me about my masturbation.  I told her I still do it and she said she’d like to see that again……

Brad: ….so I dropped my pants and started fondling myself while she watched.

Brad: The next thing that happened was a total surprise.

Mistress Courtney: Oh?

Brad: Her mom walked in, casually said hello and said sorry for interrupting but needed to get something.  She did and left the room.

Brad: I was surprised, but Jen told me that she had told her mom about me (she tells her everything) and she’s totally cool with it.

Mistress Courtney: And then?

Brad: I asked her if her mom would ever be interested in watching and she said she’d have to ask her.

Brad: She did after I left and her mom said yes.

Brad: A couple days later, I’m back over there with all of my clothes off and stroking not only for Jen and her mom, but three of Jen’s friends.

Mistress Courtney: So, when did it all start?

Mistress Courtney: Oh okay

Brad: That was my first stroke show

Brad: I go over there and put on a show ever few weeks, usually for Jen’s mom since she’s away at school, but when Jen’s home, I do it for her, her mom and her friends.

Mistress Courtney: How many women are we talking?

Brad: There’s Jen, Nancy (the other girl who was out there when Jen first caught me masturbating), Deb, and Lisa, plus her mom Darlene.

Mistress Courtney: WOW!

Brad: I’ve done quite a few things while they’ve watched

Mistress Courtney: Like what?

Brad: Pillow humping, had sex with a fleshlight, stroked off with and without lube

Mistress Courtney: Anything special for lube?

Brad: I use KY….and I have a special technique that I call “The Hilary”

Mistress Courtney: Tell me about that!

Brad: When my hand is lubed, I tend to play more around the head.  What I enjoy doing is taking my index finger and gently rub little circles on that little ridge just below the head.

Brad: I call it “The Hilary” because I first started doing that when I was masturbating to Hilary Duff’s Maxim photos

Mistress Courtney: Ahhhh, that was my next question

Brad: I have a few techniques that have special names.

Mistress Courtney: I want to hear all about each one

Brad: There’s “The Christi”.  When I stroke, I take my other hand and gently pinch and swirl my index finger around my nipples.  I do that to simulate what it might feel like to have CNN news lady Christi Paul kiss and lick my nipples with her beautiful lips

Mistress Courtney: Very nice!

Brad: There’s “The Cheryl”.  That’s when I’m lying flat on my back, feet tucked up to my rear end with my knees bent in a sit-up position.

Brad: I push my hips up with my feet and thrust into my hand.

Mistress Courtney: And who is Cheryl?

Brad: That was the position that my neighbor Cheryl walked in on back when I was living in my old apartment 20 years ago.

Mistress Courtney: Oh yeah!

Brad: Cheryl walked in as I was calling out her name

Mistress Courtney: I remember!

Brad: What else would you like to know for this installment?

Mistress Courtney: Whatever you want to share that isn’t a repeat of information from the first interview

Brad: OK.

Brad: There’s also the Kate Upton incident involving my therapist

Mistress Courtney: Do tell!

Brad: I got to my therapist’s office early for my session and I saw the latest issue of Cosmo with Kate Upton on the cover.

Brad: Since I had time to kill, I went to the bathroom and took the magazine with me.

Brad: I ended up blowing my load all over Kate, and I needed to dispose of the magazine but couldn’t leave it around.

Brad: I walked out of the bathroom with the magazine and my therapist was in the waiting room looking for me

Mistress Courtney: Oh no!

Brad: Yeah

Mistress Courtney: What happened?

Brad: We discussed it during our session.

Mistress Courtney: What did she think?

Mistress Courtney: And does she know about your other masturbation habits?

Brad: It’s part of the reason why I see this therapist.  I want to be more open about sex so it was something that we talk about often.

Brad: She knows everything.

Mistress Courtney: Gotcha

Brad: She says I use masturbation as a method of self medicating.  She doesn’t even call it masturbation.  She calls it self-soothing.  She says people have different coping mechanisms.  Some smoke, some drink, some shop.  I masturbate.

Mistress Courtney: I see

Mistress Courtney: Do you agree with her?

Brad: Yes

Brad: I told her that I could rationalize why I do it but the bottom line is that it feels good and I really like it.

Mistress Courtney: Very good reasons!

Brad: I’ve even told her about some of the more “exhibitionist” things that I’ve done.

Mistress Courtney: Oh?

Mistress Courtney: And what are those?

Brad: There’s a station on Sirius called Spice Radio (now called Radio Sex).

Brad: They had adult film stars host certain shows and I’ve called into certain shows and masturbated on the air.

Brad: One host, Alana Evans, had a segment on her show called “The Five Knuckle Shuffle” dedicated specifically to that.  Alana and I did a Laker Girl fantasy one time.

Mistress Courtney: WOW!  Tell me about that!

Brad: I told Alana about my Laker Girl fantasy, specifically about one girl (Katie) and we did a fantasy on the air where she gets on her knees, lifts up Katie’s skirt in her Laker Girl outfit and licks her pussy while I watch and stroke

Mistress Courtney: Very sexy!

Mistress Courtney: And this was all on the radio?

Brad: Yes

Mistress Courtney: WOW!

Brad: Yeah, it was pretty amazing.

Brad: One of my most intense was while doing it for Nyomi Banxx on her show “Masturbating Neighbors”

Mistress Courtney: Tell me about that!

Brad: I was masturbating while Nyomi was talking dirty to me.  During my orgasm I blurted out “I’m cumming Nyomi my chocolate love”

Mistress Courtney: OMG!

Mistress Courtney: What did she say?

Brad: I think she was surprised that I said it but she was totally talking dirty to me while I was doing it

Mistress Courtney: Very nice!

Brad: I don’t know if I’m the reason, but her new show is called “Chocolate Radio”

Mistress Courtney: Very cool!

Brad: I should save something for the next interview.

Mistress Courtney: Alrighty then!

Brad: Next time…..

Mistress Courtney: Thank you so much, Brad!

Brad: The Cheerleader and The Newscaster

Mistress Courtney: You got it!

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