Mistress Courtney: Tell me a bit about yourself. Whatever you would care to
share. Basic information and background stuff…Your age, general location,
marital status, whatever you wish to share…

Matt: I’m 22 I currently live in Florida I’m single I am currently in college I wait tables to pay the bills
I enjoy baseball football and am a gym workout

Mistress Courtney: So, when did you first discover that you could pleasure
yourself sexually?

Matt: when I was 13

Mistress Courtney: Do you recall any particular details from that first time?

Matt: I don’t remember what I was watching but I don’t remember the orgasm
felt amazing

Mistress Courtney: Did you have any preconceived notions about masturbation from
your family, religious teachings, sexual education classes, or other kids? If
so, what were they?

Matt: no not really didn’t know much about it actually

Mistress Courtney: So, once you discovered how good it felt to masturbate, how
often did you find yourself doing it back then?

Matt: not to often back then once or twice a week

Mistress Courtney: and now?

Matt: about once a day

Mistress Courtney: So, have you ever been caught masturbating?

Matt: no actually

Mistress Courtney: Has anyone ever watched you stroke before? (intentionally)

Matt: yes

Mistress Courtney: Tell me about the most memorable time someone watched you

Matt: a girl I had been seeing at the time told me she didn’t want to do
anything this time but watch me touch myself until I came so I was laying in my
bed and she stood above me and just watched never touched me and didn’t say much
I just remember her smiling and the horny look in her eyes and how she light up
and giggled a little when I came all over myself

Mistress Courtney: Awesome!

Matt: yeah it was fun

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever used any unique techniques for stroking? (Any
special gadgets or homemade inventions?)

Matt: lube circling the head gripping it extremely tight and edging myself
many times thrusting my hand

Mistress Courtney: nice!

Mistress Courtney: Have you ever used anything out of the ordinary for

Matt: not really

Mistress Courtney: Do you have any funny or embarrassing masturbation stories?
(That you haven’t already shared?)

Matt: no

Mistress Courtney: Do you have anything else that you would like to add about
your masturbation experiences before we close?

Matt: I enjoy being watched while masturbating very much

Mistress Courtney: very cool, indeed!

Mistress Courtney: Well, thank you so much for your time, this has been fun!

Matt: anything else

Mistress Courtney: That’s it

Matt: ok

Mistress Courtney: thanks again, and take care!

Matt: you too